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What is Jagran Classifieds?

Jagran Classifieds is an online ad booking website where user/agents can book online classified ads for Dainik Jagran Newspaper and classified ads of other Jagran print properties in India.

What are the benefits of booking an ad online at Jagran Classifieds?

At Jagran Classifieds:

  1. You can Book Ads instantly
  2. Enjoy the convenience   time savings
  3. Preview Ad   make payment instantly.

How do I book an ad on Jagran Classifieds?

To book an ad on Jagran Classifieds, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the home page
  2. Select main Category, Add Description and location
  3. Add style, select the publishing date and click on "Pay Online" option on the page.
  4. Enter your email and contact details; then click on "Place Order Now" to make payments.
  5. After successful payment confirmation, we send you a booking confirmation email with all your order details.

How do I choose the right category for my ad?

  1. To choose the right category of your ad:
  2. Go to the home page
  3. Click on the "Select Main Category" option, to choose the appropriate category for your advert.
  4. Also, you can select the Sub Category from the dropdown menu on the 'Home Page'.

How can I make changes to my Ad booking?

You can email us at support@jagranclassifieds.com with your changed ad matter. But this is applicable when your ad status is 'Payment received or Ad awaiting editorial confirmation'. Once the status has changed, you cannot make any change to your ad matter.

How do I cancel an Ad which has been placed?

You cannot cancel an Ad once it has been forwarded to the publication for release or if already published.

How can I cancel my Ad? Is the payment refundable?

You can email us your request for cancellation of your ad booking at support@jagranclassifieds.com. But such request will be processed only till your ad is not been processed to publication booking.

Please note, if your ad is been processed to the publication, you wouldn't be able to cancel your ad. cancellation charge is applicable.

What are the different methods of payment available on your site?

Booking for ads on Jagran Classifieds is Pre Paid. Payment can be made online using Credit / Debit cards, net banking or by cash cards like Oxicash, ITZ cash card etc

When do I receive a bill for my release?

When you make the payment for your Ad booking, you would be directed to the 'Confirmation' page which will contain your Ad booking and payment details. You can take a print-out of this page for your reference.

Additionally, once the payment you've made for your Ad booking is done, you would be emailed a 'Confirmation of Ad Publish.' This email will also contain your Ad booking and payment details. You can save a copy of this email for later use.

How secure is your site?

We do not save any bank or card detail with us. The payment gateway company is world known company and is equipped with all such hack protection process and is also SSL encrypted.

Whom to contact in case of queries or suggestions?

You can write to us at - support@jagranclassifieds.com